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Seasonal Essential Facial Oil

Seasonal Essential Facial Oil

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ebo’s facial oils are the essence of good skincare. Most of the time we overload our skin, sending conflicting messages around how much sebum to produce: skin ends up either too oily or too dry. Five drops of ebo efo are all you need to self-regulate your own oil production the way nature intended.

winter, spring, summer and autumn oils let you match your skincare to the seasons. Give your body the space to be and watch your natural luminosity shine through.

Spring: Nourish your skin with our essential facial oil [efo] designed especially for spring. This delicate blend contains Omega-3 rich peppermint oil (also high in iron, magnesium, and calcium) to aid your skin’s post-winter recovery. Additional ingredients include petitgrain to aid lymphatic drainage, carrot tissue for a boost of beta-carotene and macadamia to help retain moisture. 

Summer: Soothe stressed skin with our essential facial oil [efo] designed especially for summer. This sweet-smelling blend contains rose, a natural anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator which reduces redness and moisturises. Other ingredients include frankincense to reduce discolouration, carrot seed to support melanin production and avocado oil for natural sun filtration.

Autumn: Revitalise your skin with our essential facial oil [efo] designed especially for autumn. This luxurious blend contains rosemary oil, rich in the phyto-nutrients that support healthy collagen development, and baobab seed oil which works to form an emollient barrier, locking moisture in. 

Winter:  Rejuvenate with our essential facial oil [efo] designed especially for winter skin. This nourishing blend contains neroli and rose geranium to kick-start sluggish circulations. Other ingredients include chamomile and patchouli to calm redness, and black seed oil for its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effect.

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