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Detox Essential Body Oil (250ml)

Detox Essential Body Oil (250ml)

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The cellulite-busting detox essential body oil [ebo] uses fluid releasing flower oils to kick-start your circulation, leaving you with silky-soft skin and lighter limbs. Gently scented and with a luxurious feel, our super-charged daily body moisturiser is packed with fennel, geranium, cypress, and juniper to help your body release excess fluid, plus mandarin to boost your mood.

Detox essential body oil reduces the appearance of cellulite by improving circulation and skin oxygenation while draining excess fluids away from tired limbs. Nourishing oils also improve skin tone and clarity. Use daily, but is also particularly great when feeling congested, to enhance resolve when losing weight or post pregnancy. For best effect use regularly and get deep with your massage technique.

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